Kalahar-e-BushBike® – Made in Namibia

Kalahar-e-BushBike® – Made in Namibia

E-Bikes - Made for Africa

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The first affordable electric bicycle for rural and off road conditions: Our Kalahar-e-BushBike® is an electric bike, specially designed and made in Namibia. With its puncture-proof tyres and sturdy frame, it is made to provide mobility solutions for Namibia’s tough conditions. It can be used to commute to work, or as a taxi, delivery service or pick-up truck replacement.

The noise-free motor also makes it perfect for security guards and anti poaching patrol units.

Technical specifications

  • 20 x 2,75 enduro puncture proof moped tyres
  • double crown fork
  • two speed internal automatic speed hub
  • 250 Watt geared hub motor
  • 36 V 10Ah li-ion rack battery
  • max speed: 30km/h
  • display
  • kick-stand
  • rack carrying capacity: 100 kg